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  • One of the earliest references of the Finnish Sauna were found to be dated back in 1112 and it is known that the earliest Saunas were represented by places dug in the ground; being the holy places as churches where even babies were born.
  • German researchers published their study where they surveyed 22 kindergarten children who used weekly sauna baths and compared them with a group that did not use any sauna baths. The children who used sauna proved to be free of incidence of ear infections, colds, and upper respiratory problems. Children who didn’t use the sauna baths suffered twice the number of sick days.
  • Sauna burns calories – Due to metabolism’ rise and sweat during sauna session one can easily lose about 300 cal, which is about 30min of exercising.
  • When entering the sauna you should remember that there are at least two levels of benches - the high bench is always the hotter, and the corner of the room diagonally opposite the heater is always the hottest.
  • Deep Sleep and Stress-Therapy – After a good sauna session you’ll feel calm as sauna takes away your stress, problems, helps acquire relaxation and your sleep is going to be more healthy and sound.
  • Sauna is even known to be very helpful after a strong hangover – it greatly cleanses the entire organism out of harmful alcohol toxins, plus drink a lot of green tee and in an hour you’ll love the world around you again.
  • There are available even special sauna suits - these suits are used for weight loss and are made of vinyl. Good sauna suits allow you to quickly begin sweating and sweat for longer periods of time.
  • Recently far infrared saunas acquired popularity due to their ability to penetrate deep into the sweat and sebaceous glands to remove toxins and improve the whole health state.
  • You should always drink at least half your weight in ounces of water! Also it is important to pay attention to mineralization, especially calcium, magnesium and potassium. They are the tri-salts that are essential to a healthy detoxification.
3 Person Infrared Indoor Carbon Sauna
This sauna has six Carbon far infrared hea...
MSRP: 4595
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5 Person Cedar Far-Infrared Ceramic Indoor Warm Spa
5 Person indoor warm spa is exception...
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5 Person Infrared Indoor Ceramic Sauna
The sauna features six Ceramic far infrare...
MSRP: 6495
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