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3 Person Infrared Indoor Carbon Sauna
This sauna has six Carbon far infrared hea...
MSRP: 4595
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2 Person Hemlock Ceramic wsd-8002s2 NEW STYLE
Indoor Hemlock Ceramic Sauna  was crea...
MSRP: 3095
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5 Person Cedar Far-Infrared Ceramic Indoor Warm Spa
5 Person indoor warm spa is exception...
MSRP: 9995
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5 Person Infrared Indoor Ceramic Sauna
The sauna features six Ceramic far infrare...
MSRP: 6495
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BamX Saunas is a provider of high quality infrared saunas for indoor and outdoor use; as well we provide a high quality warm spas and accessories for dealers. We work as a wholesaler and we always have many very interesting and profitable offers. We have a wide choice of products to offer our dealers that include all types of saunas for residential use, from smaller homes to big estates. Our unique infrared saunas and warm spas are manufactured by us from premium grade woods.

We are the true professionals in the infrared sauna industry with many years of experience in sauna business. We offer our dealers a premier source of superior, high quality products. BamX Saunas’ advanced technology, engineering, and design provides products that enhance the lives of people.

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04 MAR., 2010 - Save energy with us!
02 JAN., 2007 - New collection of this years
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